In many of my writings I talk about the goal of making conscious decisions and choices about how we want to show up in the world as opposed to reacting from knee-jerk, compulsive inner drives.  And, believe me, I know, from my own human frailties, that while this is a noble goal, it is muuuuuuch easier said than done.

So, today I want to offer a concrete and real and effective way to begin the journey to get there.

First, I’d like to introduce the concept of heart-brain coherence or heart-brain harmony.  It is called by different names but the basic principle is that in addition to the brain that we have in our heads, our heart has another brain just as active with synapses and communication signals.  This heart-brain sends signals to the head just as much ad it goes the other way around.  And it is vital that these two brains be in harmony to achieve the health of body and the peace of mind that we all seek.

Most of us are very head-brain oriented, especially the left, logical and rational brain.  The right brain, so connected to the heart brain, is often dismissed as frivolous and impractical.  Yet, when this is all connected and in harmony, and the central nervous system responds with deep calm, the best of both brains can create a life experience that is beyond expectation.

I am not sure I can do full justice to this topic when others have done so much extensive research and have such deep understanding of the concept.  I’d like to introduce some of the people and places where I have learned about the power of heart-brain coherence.

Gregg Braden has written several books and leads powerful workshops.  In one of his books, “Resilience From the Heart,

Gregg writes:

“While our hearts obviously do pump the blood that nourishes our organs and each of the 50 trillion or so cells that make up our bodies, recent discoveries suggest that the purpose of the heart may reach far beyond the function of a pump. The benefits of harmonizing our hearts with our brains to empower us with deep intuition, precognition (knowledge of future events), and the direct wisdom of heart intelligence can immediately catapult us beyond traditional thinking when it comes to the way we live and solve our problems. It’s these capabilities, as well, that provide the resilience to embrace big change in our lives and to do so in a healthy way.”

Here is a link to Gregg Braden on YouTube.  He explains briefly but takes you through a simple, yet profound, exercise that connects the brain and heart (starts at about 4:30).  It is simple and can be done at any time without the video.  The more it is practiced, the more easily you’ll be able to get into this harmonized state…and the more you’ll be able to practice the PAUSE.  (Note: Depending on your account with YouTube, there may be ads.)

Another great book, simply written, is by David Servan-Schreiber called, “Instinct to Heal.”  While it covers a variety of ways to heal from anxiety and depression (without medication) he devotes significant time to the concept of heart-coherence.

Click on this link to Amazon for information about Instinct to Heal.

And he references a company called HeartMath.  They are dedicated to bringing heart-coherence and its benefits to the world.  They have developed devices that aid people in their practice of strengthening heart-coherence and inner peace. Visit their site for more information on what they do and the products they offer to help develop and maintain heart coherence.

Both Gregg Braden and Heartmath have brought the concept, and the exercises to the U.N. and to other governments to promote working together as nations from the place of heart-brain coherence.

We each can contribute to the peace of the world as we start in our own little corner of the world…within our own heart and mind.

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