Flash Therapy

Flash Therapy

It is with great pleasure that I now offer a new, powerful therapy…a supplemental therapy to EMDR…called The Flash Technique.

The Flash Technique was developed in 2016 with the intention of finding a way to process extremely disturbing memories or experiences in preparation for doing the standard EMDR therapy. The thing is…when something is so disturbing, we just don’t want to go near it…and the natural response is to avoid it. While someone may come into therapy for just that purpose…to resolve those old memories…they don’t allow themselves, or the therapist, to address them. That’s pretty normal. In fact, it’s healthy to stay away from things that are, or appear, harmful to us, whether in the present or the past.

Best flash therapist therapy US wide Online therapy available and effectiveThe problem is that sometimes the painful memories don’t go away and, in fact, keep coming back…OR they are acted out in other behaviors. It shows up in our anger, our isolation, our relationships (or lack of them), our addictions and compulsive behaviors, depression and anxiety…in so many ways that leave us unhappy and feeling powerless.

The Flash Technique has shown to be a powerful tool to quickly and effectively diminish the intensity of painful memories or experiences without having to relive them…that is, without having to feel that intense emotion, body sensations or thoughts. I have seen dramatic reductions in disturbance in 20 minutes or less…often in 5 to 10 minutes.

With this intensity diminished, and the fear of the memory manageable, we can move on to processing the memory, either using EMDR or allowing the Flash Technique to complete the processing by itself. Working with the principles of both EMDR and the Flash Technique, I have seen clients process some of their most difficult memories and experiences (both past and present) quickly and completely.

NOTE: Some clients prefer one process over the other. I am always sensitive to client needs and utilize that which works best for the individual.

I know this may sound “too good to be true.” I thought the same way…until I saw it work over and over again.

  • One client processed through two of her worse childhood memories (in less than 30 minutes) and then cried when she realized she was free from the intense memories she’d been carrying all her life.
  • Another loves the light, happy feeling she experiences when we do Flash.
  • Another has been able to process intense current feelings with Flash which helps her deal with the current stresses. She knows we’ll need to go back to the origins of her responses but, for now, she is better able to handle the situations.
  • Another has been able to release the shame and horror of an event with a child that has affected the relationship with another child…providing freedom to make amends in the present.
  • Another has noticed (as has close relations) significant changes in behaviors and reactions to the foibles of people at home and at work. The intense fears and shame are diminished and, if triggered, easily talked through.

And, also exciting, the Flash Technique is easily done via video therapy. With a decent online connection and a simple app, we can work online from the comfort of your own home or office, also saving time and expense of getting to the office.

Please contact me for more information or to schedule your first appointment.