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I know it’s sometimes difficult to know how to get started.  I’ll try to make it as easy as possible.  Feel free to contact me by email or telephone.

First, here are some frequently asked questions:

How do I know if  you or what you do is right for me?

A huge part of therapy, and getting the results you want, is in the relationship…and I recognize that not every client/therapist relationship is the right fit.  I can’t offer guarantees, any more than you can, that we are a great fit…BUT I do offer all people considering working with me a 1/2 hour consultation at no charge.  Not only does it give you a chance to check me out, it also can give you a peek into how I work PLUS allows you to try the online therapy experience.

How do I do Intake paperwork if you’re online?

Once we’ve made an appointment for the initial intake you will receive an email with an invitation to set up your portal (really easy…just user name and password).  Inside the portal will be the intake paperwork I ask you to sign, electronically, to give me permission to treat you, that explain the limits of confidentiality as well as what to expect from therapy and that you understand your HIPAA rights.  I also ask for a little more background information so we can hit the ground running when we meet.  Please, just answer those questions that you’re comfortable with.  We can discuss other info in session as appropriate.

Do I take insurance?

I am no longer a provider for the insurance companies.  That does not mean that they won’t  pay at least some of the costs.  You will need to contact your insurance company and ask some of these questions:

….What are my benefits for out-of-network, outpatient mental health services?

….Is there a separate deductible for these out-of-network benefits?  What is it?  Do only out-of-network services apply to this deductible?

….After the deductible, how much is paid?  Is it a set amount or a percentage?

With this information, you can make whatever decisions you need to make.  If I can be of help in this, please contact me.

I offer to my clients the convenience of submitting the claims for them.  This relieves the pressure of getting the superbill, submitting the claim and waiting longer than it will take if I submit electronically…however, I do ask for payment upfront so all reimbursements can go directly to the client.

How do I pay?

I accept credit cards, Health Service Account (HSA) cards (which are often the flex accounts with a company), PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.  As all sessions are conducted online, I no longer accept cash or checks.

What if I can’t make it to an appointment?

I understand that unexpected things can happen that would get in the way of appointments.  I often waive the fee for the first time an appointment has to be cancelled at the last minute or same day.  Keep in mind, however, that when I schedule an appointment, that slot is reserved for that client and I, of course, am ready to be there.  Additionally, I cannot refill that time slot for short-notice cancellations.  So, I have instituted a charge of $80 for no-shows and cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment.  For a Monday appointment, I ask for notice by Saturday, if possible.  AND, if I don’t show up or miss an appointment without letting you know, I charge myself $80 that you get credited to your next appointment.  (Yes, it has happened – thanks to calendar glitches – maybe, five times in the past 25 years.)

I want the  appointment process to be as honoring and respectful for both of us!

Can I schedule online?

I have always been particular about my calendar…I don’t like surprises and I like to be able to make accommodations for client requests…so, I encourage clients to request appointment times, either online or by telephone or email…but I do not offer the ability to schedule right into the calendar.

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