Essential LifeWorks is a focused yet comprehensive therapeutic approach to making real changes in your life. Changing how we feel, for example, from sad to happy, is what is called a “state
change.” State changes are positive but often short-lived. Essential LifeWorks is a program that works towards what is called “trait change.” Trait change is where we may move from depression to contentment, from a state of anxiety to peacefulness, and, even, from happiness to a true state of joy.

While many programs work with the “Body, Mind and Spirit,” Essential LifeWorks addresses the individual’s issues from the opposite direction…Spirit…Mind…and Body. First, comes the inner connection with the energetic (or spiritual) being that we are…working with each individual’s personal spiritual belief system. Next, we work with the Mind…those old, often irrational, and ineffective beliefs that are limiting today’s life experience. Then, and concurrently, we work with the body systems that have been holding the outcomes of these beliefs, helping it to release old and destructive holding patterns.

And now this process is available in an outpatient and affordable package, concentrated in time, and designed and coordinated specifically for your individual needs.

The basic program is one week (5 days), Monday to Friday OR spread over two weeks. Programs are individually designed but will include a minimum of one energy/mindfulness/meditation session daily; one therapeutic processing daily; and, one body works session daily OR adjunct therapies integrated with processing over the two week time frame. Free time will be available for contemplation, “homework,” and fun time or relaxation.

Please note that this is not an inpatient setting. While 24 hour support is not available as in an inpatient setting, phone support is available as needed. As such, this program is not appropriate for everyone. Screening will be conducted prior to acceptance into the program.

For out-of-towners, room and board arrangements are available as needed.

Call or contact us now for more information on this exciting new way to do therapy!