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Susan Sugar, LCSW

Certified EMDR® Therapist
Approved Consultant (EMDR International Association)

I offer a customized and comprehensive approach to the whole you. Your mindset is the beginning, it affects your body and your relationships, it also affects your spirit . . . your enthusiasm for life.

By integrating a blend of therapies such as dialog, EMDR® (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Flash Technique, guided imagery, experiential exercises, attachment repair, body awareness and mindfulness and others, we are able to create a process that accesses your own inherent healing abilities that can make real internal changes. I work with you to achieve the deep, real internal changes that release you from old patterns and perceived personal limitations.

I have been in practice over 25 years and have a lifetime of my own experience, challenges and triumphs, to guide my work with you. I work with anxiety, depression and grief, traumatic stress disorders (e.g., PTSD), life transitions and performance enhancement issues. I see these “disorders” as symptoms of familiar, but now ineffective, patterns of thinking, believing and ways of being.
I have found that most of these problems emerge from either old trauma experiences that added something into your life that you didn’t want or need OR developmental deficits, not getting something that you did want or need, which prevented you from knowing your full potential.

Now is the time to release that which is no longer helpful or life enhancing and to restore what is right for you. It is my personal goal to see beyond the appearances of limitation and to see what we know to be the truth of who you are…and to work with you to reveal that truth. …and I believe I offers a process that really works.

“I am always amazed and inspired by the tenacity, resilience, and inherent beauty of my clients…and I truly look forward to entering into this sacred time with you.”

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